Vita and the Woolf – Feline (2017)
Music Video
Produced by Malditos

This video is about introspection and getting so consumed by your thoughts that you lose your grip on reality.
Using live action and 3D we created a journey through a mind-bending alternate reality.

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Poster designed by Querida

Aliment – Car Crush (2016)
Music Video
Produced by Malditos

Car Crush is the second video I shot for the band Aliment. Starting with a car accident, it depicts a story that takes place in a continuous loop, where a car wheel mischievously wreaks havoc across a city.


Personal notebook

John Matthias – Spreadsheet Blues (2014)
Music Video
Produced by Village Green / Guinarde

For John Matthias’ Spreadsheet Blues I wanted to create a striking and hypnotic monochrome visual.
In the video, drops of water rain down in slow motion while objects float in slow motion.

Dezeen interview.


Still frames from the story board